Client Profile

Client Profile – Who Uses Business Coaching?

Business leaders, CEOs, senior managers, partners and business owners are among Tony Verner’s extensive business coaching client base. The common factor amongst his clients is a commitment to working in an honest and open fashion. All have a strong desire to achieve or extend their business success and to balance their professional goals with the demands of lifestyle and personal freedom.

What clients are saying……..

“What you get from hiring Tony is someone who will be direct and honest, keep you on-track and ask you the hard questions that you’re afraid to ask yourself”

“Many of us who go to Tony do not need to make more money, we want our lives back and he has the map.”

“Time out away from “work” to … map out some strategies for the business, formulate some goals and discuss ways of implementing them.”

“Tony is able to offer me ideas and insights that I might normally take years to acquire myself.”

“Tony acts as a pressure valve – a sounding board from someone who knows business but has no hidden agenda.”

“Tony has the innate ability to cut through to the real issues and get to the heart of what is required to be done.”